Thursday, August 11, 2011

Popular Short Hairstyle

Some of the popular and fashionable hairstyles for short hair will be discussed herein.

One of the most popular short haircuts among teenagers and young women is the layered haircut. The layered hair flipped inwards creates a more sophisticated look that some of the more mature women would prefer, whereas the flipped out hairstyle for those with short layers creates a trendy and hip look.

Another of the favorite hairstyles worn by young women and teenagers with short hair would be the bobbed haircut. This haircut can be worn with layers, bangs or highlights to create the soft but feminine touch to what would otherwise be a severe look. The bob can also be cut asymmetrical to create a hairstyle that is funky but nonetheless feminine. Another alteration of the bob haircut with a soft feminine approach is the A-line bob hairstyle; flipped inwards to create a sophisticated look with a futuristic appeal.

The mature woman however will neither go for the flipped out short hairstyle nor the A-line bobbed hairstyle. The short bob with a high crown and low side is ideal for the mature woman with the long thin face. Highlights and side burns are other creative modifications that the mature woman could choose to incorporate into her short hairstyle.

Executive Summary By David Yu 

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