Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Every woman wants the perfect wedding hairstyle. Face Shape:

You will look great in short, medium or long hair, and either an up-do or wearing your hair down will look great!

You can achieve this by wearing your hair down in a multitude of layers, or with fullness and height at the crown. You can also part your hair off center to achieve this.

Rectangular or Oblong- If you have a long chin or high forehead, you'll want to balance out the length of your face. You should avoid long hair as it will make your face seem longer.

Wedding Themes:

1. Midsummer Wedding - If you're planning your wedding outdoors around midsummer, a beautiful time for weddings, you may want to opt for an up-do. Dainty beautiful flowers fastened into your hair would be gorgeous.

2. Victorian Wedding - Elegant antique lace napkins, detailed tea cups and saucers and scroll-type place settings combine to make a beautiful wedding. 

3. Hawaiian Wedding - Assuming you're having your wedding outside, a good idea is to have your hair swept to one side and fastened well, and placing an exotic flower on the opposite side.

Executive Summary By David Yu

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