Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Medium Hairstyles

The medium hairstyle is among the most popular hair lengths sported by both the common woman and the celebrity diva alike. The medium length hair in fact is a compromise between the long hair and the short hair, offering up advantages of both the worlds of the short haired woman and the long haired woman.

The woman with medium length hair has a wide range of styling options from which she can choose. Some of the more popular haircuts of the woman with the medium length hair revolve around the layered haircut. With razor cut layers, the flipped out layers would look ever so chic and sassy, while the graded layer would take the years of an older woman's age. The layered hairstyle does this very sleekly and smoothly.

The curly hair can be straightened and the straight hair can be curled; the frizzy hair can be tamed and the tame hair can be teased; the wavy hair can be crimped or the crimped hair can be made wavy - the options are endless with the medium length hair. Chemical treatments can be used on any type of hair to get it to the desired texture - the curly, wavy or frizzy hair can be relaxed to give the straight hair, or the straight hair can be permed to give the curly hair. Some semi-permanent options include straw curls and temporary relaxer treatments.

Executive Summary By David Yu 

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