Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hairstyles For Winter Weddings

It is important to choose a "do" which complements your bridal gown style, veil, and your bridal jewelry. Take a look at these trends for elegant hairstyles for winter weddings.

This feeling of elegance should extend to your bridal hairstyle as well. Leave the messy beach hair for the summer months, and opt for a cold weather hairdo that is polished and sophisticated. A low side part will add to the style of this elegant bridal hairdo. The perfect finishing touch is a fabulous little cage veil with a feathered accent. Pair with crystal bridal jewelry such as dazzling chandelier earrings, and wear with a slinky silk wedding gown.

Braids are back in style for brides. A low braided bun is a very romantic hairdo for a winter bride. It is a nice variation on the smooth low sideswept updo. For bridal hair jewelry, either tuck a jeweled comb into one side of the braided bun, or decorate with a scattering of sparkling hairpins. This would be a beautiful hairstyle to complement a romantic lace bridal gown.

Large soft waves with a shiny finish (think Veronica Lake, minus the hair falling over one eye) are ideal. The effect will be timeless and elegant - definitely a winning winter wedding hairstyle!

Executive Summary By Laura Firenze

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