Saturday, June 4, 2011

The True Meaning Behind Emo Hairstyles

Executive Summary By: Marsudi Suwarnaadi

Emo is the modern day short form of 'emotional' and thus emo hairstyles refer to the punk movement of the past but with very contemporary cultural expressions combined. Some might like to call any hairstyle that looks loud and unconventional as emo but those who consider themselves as emo purists, have very clear ideas about what actually qualifies as a true emo hairstyle.

Emo boys and girls are especially fond of extremely dark or extremely light coloured hair. Highlights can be thin streaks or large sections of opposing coloured hair. Some emo hairstyles omit highlights and rely on a single shocking colour to create the emo look.

Emo hairstyles often appear unruly or even unkempt. You will rarely find emo hairstyles that are constrained by hair accessories and loose free hair is the preferred look to coincide with internal feelings of liberation. Older generations might look at emo hairstyles as outrageous or as a young persons decline toward maladjustment but this is rarely the case.

Emo hairstyles are an expression of creativity and the young people that wear them are often very creative individuals indeed.

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