Sunday, October 25, 2009

Short Black Hair Styles

African-American and black hair is unique in its texture, fragility and moisture content, and all of these things must be considered when choosing a hairstyle. When looking for one suitable for short hair, it's also important to choose a style that won't be difficult to maintain and that will complement the shape of your face.Get highlights or lowlights to bring out the short hairstyle. The right colors to choose depends on your natural skin tone. For a lighter skin tone, you can go with really blonde highlights; or have blonde hair with chestnut brown lowlights. Either of the colors will make the short hairstyle look fuller and more elegant.Medium skin tones can get away with darker blonde highlights and lowlights. Light or sandy brown hair is also fitting. The best color combination for medium--toned black women would be medium brown hair with dusty blonde highlights.Dark-skinned black women have to be careful with color and short hairstyles. On one hand, color can make the dark skin glow and bring out the short style. On the other hand, if color is too light it can take away from the beauty of the short style where only the color is noticeable in a negative way. Go with a dark primary color, like black or chocolate brown. Add reddish or sandy brown highlights to lighten the face and eye color.

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