Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mens short hairstyle - Buzz Cut trendy hairstyle

Mens short hairstyle - Michael Phelps Buzz Cut
Michael Phelps hairstyle
Michael Phelps, the only person/athlete so far on the planet, won a record-setting eight gold medals at a single Olympics. The 23-year-old swimmer displayed his booties awarded at 2008 Beijing Olympics and posed for a photocall on the night of August 17 in Beijing.
Michael Phelps Buzz Cut
Michael Phelps- Buzz Cut
Phelps is now sporting a buzz cut hairstyle. The style works great on athletes & looks great on men with a nicely shaped skull like him. But it's not only show off the skull, it also reveals the ears shape. Some men with big ears prefer to get longer style with fuller at the sides to camouflage their big ears size.

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